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You can see what we love to do, we love to tackle complexity and develop simplicity.

Clevertech is a team of business analysts, developers and designers. We tackle complex business issues and engineer simplicity. We work with visionary leaders who want full service partners for successful product launches.

We deliver minimal viable products in 30-90 days by being principally concerned with product definition, utilizing open source, and relying on our brilliant, multi-discipline developers.

With financial expertise and passion for user interface design, we find the sweet spot that creates value - the very definition of marginal utility.

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Developing a Yii Project?

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Code Review

We know how hard is to get your idea rolling when you are not familiar with the technology. If you are one of those brave developers who wish to create their own product and do not know if your code is taking the most out of Yii, we offer code review services.

Our developers spent quite a lot of time in researching, studying, and they get their hands dirty with code on a daily basis. We will do a comprehensive look at your application's code, avoiding bugs and security issues, making sure your application is built correctly.

Need Training?

Online Training

An experienced Yii's instructor will guide you through online training courses to help you learn Yii Framework quickly. Our online courses will go from the basics and intermediate, to the most advanced level of Yii programming. Each training class is delivered live, so students will be able to interact live with their instructor.

3 Months Onsite Crash Course

Get individualized attention from a highly experienced Yii instructor to bring your knowledge up to the top. Facilities, equipment and resource requirements apply.

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